The Prize

The Coventry International Prize of Peace and Reconciliation rewards and encourages creative and courageous peace builders around the world. It is a civic, religious and academic partnership unique to Coventry. It honours initiatives, organisations, individuals or projects that have made an exemplary contribution to working for peace and reconciliation, or in campaigns for social and environmental wellbeing.

The Prize is aimed at world-wide grassroots projects and local communities, rather than international media or diplomacy and is open to all, irrespective of nationality, ethnicity or faith.

logoThose who are shortlisted are judged on the impact of their work as a in inspiration and model for others. Specifically they will have made demonstrable, practical improvements to the wellbeing of communities, especially in conflict or post-conflict situations.

Following a process of nomination and selection overseen by a steering committee, the Lord Mayor, Bishop, Vice Chancellors of the University of Warwick and Coventry University and the Dean of Coventry, are given the challenging task of deciding the recipient and the wards night is held on 14 November to mark the night of the Blitz and the birth of Coventry’s role as a City of Peace and Reconciliation.

This year – the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War – the Award is being re-launched to give it the international standing it deserves. The city, its universities and its leading firms and organisations are now playing a key role in championing new ways of thinking and providing a platform to bring countries and people together.

The re-launch of this important international award is a vital part of that work and our chance to show the world that we can be a leading figure on the international stage in developing and maintaining peaceful links between countries. The Coventry International Prize for Peace and Reconciliation is a source of encouragement to all nominees, encouraging their work in areas of conflict around the world.

With its distinctive focus on grassroot initiatives which have proved themselves over time, the Prize enables otherwise untold stories to be told and honoured and allows in all our community to celebrate and be inspired by the work of others in building peaceful communities.

By presenting the Coventry International Prize for Peace and Reconciliation, Coventry is acknowledging the commitment of others in a world where their skills for managing differences without violence are helping to create a more stable, peaceful world for all.